Pacifico Silano, from the series After Silence

Pacifico Silano, from the series After Silence


May 17 to May 20, 2018

RUBBER FACTORY is pleased to return for the 2018 edition of Photo London with a two artist booth featuring artworks by Arash Fewzee and Pacifico Silano.

Using printed media spanning post stonewall riots through the mid 1980s, Pacifico Silano's new body of work, "After Silence" addresses the emotional and physical void felt from the AIDS crisis, the complicated nature of photography and our constantly changing relationship to the past. By collaging, obscuring and recontextualizing magazine images, he creates a personal archive that addresses complex issues of identity, representation, constructs of masculinity and our evolving relationship to the archive.

Arash Fewzee experiments heavily in the darkroom to activate conversations around historical movements such as Dada or the blurred lines between representation and abstraction within the photographic surface. His "Contact Sheets" series transposes ghostly human gestures with negatives on photograms. By referencing the act of pointing and how it evolved from a signifier of attention to a trigger for the camera to ultimately something altogether more complicated now, Arash investigates the power of the medium to feel at once present while elusive.

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