Aubrey Trinnaman

Aubrey Trinnaman

Batch 3: New Voices in Photography

Opening Reception: August 3rd, 6 to 9 pm

Join us for a celebration for Rubber Factory Posters' first two-week installation inside Rubber Factory's gallery space! It'll also be the first musical performance in the space: photographer Nate Andre Bajar will be performing at 8pm.

We are releasing a batch of new posters, relating in part to Rubber Factory's upcoming exhibit Women in Colour: Women and Color Photography (which opens directly after this poster show), including:
Aubrey Trinnaman, with words by Lindley Warren
Jessica Pettway, words by Efrem Zelony-Mindell
Olivia Locher, interview by Romke Hoogwaerts
Megan Paetzhold, interview by Mike Tan

We will also be re-releasing our two first "city" posters which we recently unveiled at Cultural Traffic and The Mott Collection, with work by:
Rick Anderson (a double photo poster)
Maciej Markowicz, interview by Romke Hoogwaerts

We'll additionally be showcasing our entire line-up so far. 

Rather significantly, and (for the time being) only at this exhibit, every poster will be available at a new price: $29, made possible by moving our poster production to a local & more affordable facility, while retaining the exact same premium quality. As before, 40% of the sale will go to the photographer or an organization of their choice. Frames for those posters will also temporarily be available starting at the unique price of $90, adding up to $119 for a framed poster. We use gallery-quality Nielsen metal frames in four styles with plexiglas and spacers.

The installation will be up for two weeks, and there will be at least one additional event geared towards conversation around publishing practices. More on that soon.

On the night itself, anyone caught tipping at the drinks table will be given a raffle ticket, the winner of which will receive one free poster of their choosing