Anna Yeroshenko, Hidden Dimension – Exhibit runs from September 24th through to October 13th.

Rubber Factory is pleased to present Hidden Dimension, a solo exhibition by Anna Yeroshenko showcasing re-photographed pieces and photo-sculptures from her most recent series.

As urban dwellers we live in a maze of walls, a complicated network of streets and passages in which it may be difficult to find one’s way. By building walls, we not only impose limits on space, but potentially allow the physical boundaries to permeate our ideas and routines. Anna Yeroshenko’s constructed photographs break the walls which we come up against and push the limits of perception. Hidden Dimension re-imagines, deconstructs, and re-observes images of architecture as Yeroshenko manipulates paper photographs to create dimensionality. By then re-photographing the sculpture, a new perception of the subject matter is created. 

Anna Yeroshenko is a Russian photographer based in Boston. She studied Architecture and Design before she became a photographer and received her BFA in Design of Architectural Environment from Pacific State University in 2008 folowed by her MFA in Photography in 2015 from Lesley University College of Art and Design. Anna’s work has been exhibited at the Perth Centre For Photography in Perth, Australia the Mall Galleries, in London, UK, Langham Place, Hong Kong among others.